If you require a Legally Certified Marriage Certificate or An Apostille Certificate to register your wedding in your country of residence then The Mobile Minister can arrange all expedited legal services.

For complete peace of mind have your Legally Certified Marriage Licence or Apostille Certificate
services completed in person.



For those brides and grooms that would prefer to go home with the actual marriage certificate rather than wait for it to be delivered we offer an expedited marriage certificate service.

If you need an expedited marriage certificate then one of the team will arrange to have your expedited marriage certificate available for pickup or drop off to your hotel within 24 hours.

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For couples getting married from abroad in some countries it is necessary to apply for Apostille wedding certificate that can be arranged in one of three ways;

Standard Apostille $100
This package for the standard Apostille Service includes the filing of your marriage certificate which in 24 hours, also include one certified copy of your marriage license and one certified Apostille document.

The standard Apostille Service ranges between six and eight weeks for completion and delivery by Standard UPS.

Standard Apostille Service + UPS registered delivery $145

This package is the standard package but includes registered UPS expedited shipping with a tracking number.

Full Expedited Apostille Package $295
This package is perfect for couples that want to go home with their Apostille certificate for total peace of mind, and includes the purchase of your certified marriage certificate and one certified Apostille document completed within 48 hours and delivered by hand it to you in Las Vegas.

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If you simply require a license legalisation the mobile minister will attend and will provide a basic wedding service and signing of the certificate. This is not a full wedding ceremony but a basic legally binding marriage certificate.

Licence Legislation $100